take time for joy

I've been thinking a lot about joy lately.
How it's easy to lose your sense of joy & appreciation for everyday life.
I know it happens to me sometimes! I get caught up in routines and schedules and lists and I lose sight of appreciating everyday life.
Today I made a point to slow down and find joy in little things.

Some "joyful" moments from today:
-driving with the windows & sunroof open and loving the fresh, cool breeze
-hugging some of my best friends
-laughing with my sister & husband
-taking a different route home from work
-wearing pretty colors that make me smile
-putting on lipstick
-drinking a different coffee than usual
-sewing up ornaments & being productive

Some photos from an oh-so-joyful day!
[side note: Tim & I were in fits of laughter while taking these. I can't even remember why...which is kinda the best sort of laughing fit...]

Sweater & Skirt: Thrifted, Poncho: ASOS (gift from my sis!), Bunny Necklace: Bam Bam Creative, Boots: TJ Maxx in Nashville, Tights: FP

I love days like these.
What are some ways you slow down & find joy in things?

ps. I think Tim & I are going on a lunch date now - to one of our favorite coffee shops! Wooot!
Yet another reason why today is amaaaazing!

love you(s),
Christen Jean


  1. when I remember and have the chance, I write in a journal a list of "things that make me happy." It usually ends up being about a month in between each one, because I go through phases of things that I'm interested in and find new music and discover new food and all that kind of thing. This post reminds me of that so much! it's just a way that I remind myself that it doesn't have to take a lot to be happy.. there is joy in little things.

  2. I do seem to take everyday life to granted some times. You've inspired me to find the joy in the little things. I love everything about your adorable outfit.


  3. I love this. You are gorgeous! As is your outfit. And I find joy by doing exactly what you did and taking the time to WRITE down some things throughout the day that made me happy. I need to do that a LOT more often though! :]

  4. I love this outfit! I love that it looks like you're wearing all dark shades when you have the cape on, but underneath you are wearing bright, cheery colors! Way to switch it up a bit :)
    I love that you kept track of joyful things--I have a "gratitude journal" that I need to be writing in much, much more! There are so many little things about life to be grateful for. xoxo.

  5. what a darling outfit! i LOVE that poncho! you look beautiful.xx

  6. Its great to stop and appreciate the small things. That cape of yours is amazing what a stunner.. you pull it off so well too :)

  7. i love the sweet colors! your look totally cute when you laugh!!

    <3 steffy

  8. I agree, it's so important to enjoy the small things in life. Stop and smell the roses so to speak.

    Love the lace theme in your outfit!

    x Marcella

  9. I agree the small things in life is what you will remember in the end! Your outfit is great

  10. These photos are so stunning & you look SO pretty!! What a lovely outfit too - such gorgeous layers, and I LOVE that Poncho. ASOS has such great stuff! xo veronika

  11. i have that same skirt in white! (we probably even got it at the same thrift store...sometimes area businesses do mass donations) nw indiana does have some good places for thrifting. :) hope all is well!


  12. my gosh! i love your outfit! i want that skirt and top! cant believe it was thrifted! (:


  13. beautiful sentiment, beautiful YOU! love the message behind this post, slowing down is something i've been trying to be more conscious of too. seems this season, when we tuck indoors more, there is something that keys up inside and nesting takes on an overall extra appreciating umbrella effect.

    another umbrella effect happening right there is with your incredible poncho! yah sis for being the coolest and gifting something as rad as that. love the pastels and the bunny too! really darling look. xo ♥

  14. i have this skirt in green. it was the beginning of my love affair with lace! :)