Holiday Crafts & Giveaway Winner!

I hope you all had an incredible Thanksgiving. I sure did!
You really can't complain when you're surrounded by people you love, and who love you right back ;)

Now we've all got our minds set on Christmas!!
The madness has begun with those crazy Black Friday shoppers...
I'm not fully committed to this idea. I actually take wayyyy too long to shop.
I like to browse, compare, imagine how things would look on me/in my home.
So, taking me Black Friday shopping would be like taking your 89 year old grandmother, I'd imagine.
Recipe for disaster?
I think so ;)

Anyway! Here are my two favorite Christmas craft projects I've done so far:

Holiday Wreath.
DIY found on Carly Kmyta.
This was made with a wreath from Michaels, sparkly ornaments that cost .75 each, and coffee filters!

Mason Jar Holiday Scene.
This DIY can be found on Rhonna Designs.

So cute!
What kinds of Christmas crafts have you done this year?
I'm feeling extra festive this season, so please share if you have some good ones!!

Oh, and last but not least...
The Giveaway Winner!
Aaaaand, the winner is:

The adorable Mia Helen from Blessed Not Lucky!
Congrats! Please email me at twohappyheartsclub@yahoo.com so I can ship your prize to you :)
And thanks to everyone who entered.
I quite like doing giveaways...expect more during the holiday season!

Have a beautiful evening.
And Happy Friday!



  1. I made mason jar snowglobes too! :D so fun.

  2. ahh, the wreath is beautiful and so are the cute jars too

  3. you are way ahead of the game lades, i haven't even opened the storage room up to hunt for xmas bobbles and bits yet. you've inspired me to ramp up my diy's (hopefully i can keep the mojo about it going strong!) and make a try at something so fun as these. you did a wicked job on both....i really love the sweet fawns in the jar though. darling as anything! xo ♥

  4. hey! i just happened to stumble upon this last night :) i love your version of the DIY!! thank you so much for doing it :)

  5. Love the mason jar holiday scene!! They are so cute!

  6. Love the mason jar idea! I could definitely do something like that :)

  7. Love the rustic looking wreath, and the mason jars are so cute