Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Well, hello there! Just popping in to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my lovely blogger friends.
I'm spending the day cooking with my family at my parents' house.
I'll admit that I've already taken a Thanksgiving nap (while the turkey was cooking, so it's fine!).
Dinner will be done soon, and we're all ready to indulge.
Anyway, I wanted to give you a little sneak-peak of some Christmas crafts I've been doing.
I'll be back to share where I found the wreath DIY and the mason jar snow globe DIY..so you can make your very own!
Oh, and I'll be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow, so enter if you haven't already.

Eat up, friends!
And tell someone you're thankful for them ;)


  1. I think I'm the only blogger that doesn't have that album! I need to get my hands on it asap!! I've listened to a few of the songs on youtube and her voice is so completely perfect for the festive season!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the little jar snow globes.

  3. beautiful photos :) happy thanksgiving to you too

  4. I'm making a second entry for Arthur & Janet (I'm following you via bloglovin') Happy Thanksgiving :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. And that album cover is genius!

  6. i've just discovered your blogg and i really enjoyed it! hope you had a nice thanksgiving!

  7. I love she&him.... Great outfit !