Raised By Wolves

Last night I had a dream that about 1,000 wolves were running around a house I lived in.
My brother & I were in a pick-up truck, hiding away while they ran around and played.
It was a pretty great dream!
I mean, slightly scary..seeing as we had to run for safety in the truck because we heard the wolves howling
as they ran down a hill towards us.
Buuuut, it's my dream. And my dreams don't get very scary ;)

So, today's outfit was inspired by that dream!
And I think part of it had to do with the latest episode of Once Upon A Time. Which was about wolves.
Anybody else watch that show?
My husband and I have become quite the fans of it!

Ok. On to the look-of-the-day!

Call me a bit wolf-crazy today, but I'm ok with that!
It's been a fun day..prancing around in my wild outfit.
I hope you all have a beautiful evening!

Happy "walk on the wild side" Tuesday!


  1. Love this! I want that tshirt, and I love that you based your outfit off of your dream. What a great dream too, btw!

  2. I LOVE this outfit! So cute and comfy! Also, my husband and I totally just got into that show and we are loving it! Although we haven't seen the most recent episode yet. We're watching it tonight I think! :]

  3. cute outfit!! i love your coat! (:


  4. so cute! i love the little red riding hood reference :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Ah! I'm so glad you commented on my blog because now I've found yours!...and you're seriously too cute.

    following now :)

    Great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  6. Wolves have always held a fascination to me - I love the wild and free feeling they evoke.

    This outfit is so cute, I especially love that first shot!

    x Marcella

  7. adorable coat and great layering

  8. I found your blog through a comment on Delightfully Tacky and I love your style!


  9. Holy cuteness of an outfit! That's totally something I could see myself wearing! The tittle of the post is just perfect too.

    Your blog in your fire these days,I love the creativity and the inside pictures too :)

    Virginie ♥