Darling, You Send Me

I've had this lovely song in my head all day.
I LOVE Sam Cooke so very much! His voice is so smooth and magical.
It was the perfect soundtrack to our low-key day.

Here are some photos from today!
Tim & I both had a day off, so we ran some errands, cleaned our place up, and had some delicious meals together!

Go on and have a listen to this pretty, pretty song ;)

My favorite details? Yep. You guessed it..
The braided "headband" and my glittery heart brooch.
Let me tell ya...wearing a super bright and glittery heart all day makes everything more beautiful!

Oh, and I've been featured as blogger of the month on the beautiful Time After Tea blog!
Have a look!

Have a lovely evening, friends!


  1. thanks for sharing this song. i love it! new favorite. xo!

  2. The brooch is lovely... and gives a DIY feel to it! Would you make a DIY brooch similar to this one?

  3. I love the brooch and braided hairband too!

    Congrats on your feature, 'Time After Tea' is one of my favourite blogs :)

  4. You have such a great blog. I just found it and I am so glad that I did. Everything is so cute and you are so pretty. Love your hair.


  5. you are the cutest Christen, i adore this song and it really is the prettiest song :) perfect for this post too! love the hair braid :).

    congrats again girl on winning the giveaway for the crochet jacket! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  6. Ug, why can't I look this great every day?! You always look perfect, Miss Christen! :) LOVE the hair and heart!

  7. cutest heart pin! your blog always brightens my day! and i LOVE rhat song, oldies are the best!


  8. How sweet! I really love your blouse too <3

  9. you look gorgeous, love the braid head band and the glittery heart, its just all so cute! may I ask what camera/lens and editing software you use? you pictures are bril!



  10. Great photos! Love the first one especially...and the sons's fantastic!

    Take a look

  11. ah, all the hearts make me happiest! total 100 watts of brightness is what this post brings. between your uber cute outfit and the pic of you two i just love the whole experience. um and the days plans sounded perfect, hope these types of relaxing times continued throughout the whole weekend!

    congrats on the feature, so good!! ♥

  12. Very cute outfit. I love your braided hair. =)


  13. ahhh you are so freaking adorable! i love your hair and am totally going to try the braided headband today!!

    new follower, hi :)