All The Pretty Horses

Today has been a beautifully relaxed day.
 We went grocery shopping and got a movie for a night in together.
Tim's been working nights a lot lately, so when we have evenings in together, it's quite a treat!
 We snuck into the woods after we went grocery shopping and snapped some photos. This afternoon, Tim & went out on a frozen yogurt date!
There's a new place here in town called Yo Amazing. As the name implies, it is...amazing. Now we're settling in for a homemade steak dinner and a movie.
We went out on a limb and got War Horse. Neither of us have heard anything about it...any of you seen it? What was you opinion?
I'll let you know what we think. I mean, it can't be too bad. It's about a horse, right?!

Have a beautiful evening filled with magical things!
You all are such a wonderful source of inspiration for me. Thank you for being part of my blogging life. xoxo


  1. Hey, I love your look!
    I start my blog so if you could throw a look that would be great thank you very much and maybe me follow, your photos are very beautiful!

  2. first thing's first - how awesome is your hair?! i just love how you did it with the braid and bun! so cute. :) and your boots are killer!

    i haven't heard anything about war horse either, but i feel the same as you - if it's about a horse, how bad can it be?!

  3. Yumm, froyo! Super cute outfit! Love the bangles.

  4. curious to know what you think of war horse. i still haven't seen it but the mister was not a fan. he fell asleep after the first five minutes!!
    in love with your leggings! been wanting to get my hands on some. and also your upside down braid bun. perfection!
    xo TJ

  5. are you wearing leggings as real pants? tsk tsk. <3 hahah.

    miss you! i've been so busy being a grown up. i have to come home soon.

  6. Love the location where you took your photos, so pretty! And your hair is awesome, no way I could handle doing the braid going up the back on my own head.

  7. loving this look! and i really like your hairdo too!
    xo dana

  8. You have great style! And beautiful photos :)


  9. Ohhhh, I love your hair, that's something I've been meaning to try (the braid at the back I mean) I also love your outfit! I have those same leggings and they are AWESOME...I love how you've paired it with the oversized polka dot top...super cute, as per usual!

  10. I love your outfit! :) The polka-dots are adorable!

    And the frozen yogurt looks delicious, I haven't tried it before but I probably should :)

  11. lovely :)


  12. Great photos! All I can think about is froyo now

  13. You really are the loveliest lady ❤

  14. Froyo & steak dinners...oh yes please! All your thrift finds here are really something special. That polka dot blazer is tugging at my heart:) Gorgeous darling!

  15. I adore your blouse!

    xo Jennifer


  16. I am craving frozen yogurt now! I need to make a trip soon. Also, I am in love with your hair, please come and do mine. Haha. Lastly, that polka dot blazer is awesome!