Stenciled Summer Cups DIY

ONE: The supplies you'll need are: Martha Stewart Satin Paint, Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils, a sponge for each color, and a pallet for paint. TWO: Be sure to get different sized sponges. I wasn't sure if we'd need the super small ones, but they came in handy so much with little stencils! THREE: You can also stencil on wood. It looks mighty adorable. FOUR: Don't forget a few good friends to join the fun ;)
***After you've done all your pretty stencils onto your glasses, you've gotta seal those beautiful designs up! Place glasses in cool oven; set oven to 350 and bake for 30 minutes. Turn oven off and allow glass and oven to cool. Remove glasses when completely cool.***

**side note: this cup already had the white star designs on it.**

Send me a link if you end up doing this!
It's a really fun project for a craft night with the girls.
Have fun and happy painting!


  1. These glasses look SO cute! are they dishwasher safe??

  2. my friend did it. it was so beautiful.
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  3. oh my gosh, I love your nails! You should do a DIY on that too!


  4. so awesome! love the retro look :) these would be great for my apt. thanks doll! xx

  5. i'd never even thought of this! what an amazing idea :)

  6. Bookmarking this for a summer craft. What a brilliant..and quite darling idea. Goodness, I could go for some lemonade right now:)

  7. Anna, I'm honestly not sure if they're dishwasher safe! I followed directions from a Martha Stewart craft idea, and it didn't say. But I would stick to hand washing, just to be on the safe side.
    Or you could do a test one!

  8. Wow, looks great! Love your nails, too!

  9. this is amazing! thank you for sharing :)