A Little Room Tour

Ok. So when I say "little" room tour, I really mean little!
I recently organized all my favorite photos and trinkets on my new dresser and I thought I'd share some photos.
I love having a little space where I can look at photos of people I love and pretty little things that make me smile.

I also have my hat collection, a container with my favorite scarves, my lipsticks,
a wooden box full of Bible verses (Tim made it for me when we first started dating!), and a few fancy bracelets on display.

It feels so nice to organize a lovely "me" space in our room.
Does anybody else get a bit giddy over pretty spaces?


  1. ok. so. my in-laws totally have that dresser set & i have been plotting how to get it for my own someday. seeing these photos hastens my need to get on that! the room looks lovely.

  2. love it! such a great dresser! and such sweet pictures!

  3. So cute! Where did you get that beautiful dresser?! I am purchasing a new one soon and that one is such a dream :)


  4. your room is beautiful and i love your sweater!

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  5. that mirror is absolutely amazing! where's your bed??

  6. Lizzie - I got the dresser off Craigslist! Some college dude clearly didn't see the beauty in it ;)

    Miss Teacups - You can see part of my bed in that first shot...it's nothing too spectacular yet (we don't even have a frame for it! eeek), so I didn't spotlight it at all.

  7. Such a pretty little dresser! what a great craiglist find! :) you are one great treasure hunter ;) x

  8. Your room is GORGEOUS, holy smokes!!! I love your mirror (and the pictures in it!). I am also in love with the pants you are wearing in that picture, haha. :) I can't seem to find colored denim that will fit me anywhere!

    But yeah, your room is freaking beautiful, and I am envious!

  9. I totally have the same dresser! Well, not exactly the same, but I do have a dresser just like that with the white and the gold trim and the ornate handles. Love it!

  10. I love your dresser! And all those photos are so sweet. You really look so much like your mum! (And that is such a cute photo of your parents... I love all of my parents' silly photos from when they were dating in the 70s~).

  11. your room is gorgeous and that dresser looks amazing! love it

  12. yessss! a little "me" space is always GREAT :) ps--- love your sweater & pants!! xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}

  13. I am in love with your pretty dresser! :) and the pretty pastels you are wearing!

  14. giddy is an understatement for me. it's embarrassing sometimes, actually.

  15. oh gosh, that dresser is just perfect! love it!
    and the picture of your parents as newlyweds is just precious!
    xo TJ