A Whole Lot of Beauty

Hey there, friends! Sorry for the disappearing act this week.
I've been super busy! My best friend Krista is getting married this weekend, so I've been doing little things to prepare for that.
Kylie and I are both in the wedding, which is super exciting!
We've known Krista since we were 8 years old. So she's basically the triplet we never had.

So anyway, I'm popping in for a quick update before I start packing for our trip to Milwaukee!
I thought I'd share some instagrams I stole from Kylie ;)

[our favorite coffee shop, my bangles, new shoes (!!!), american "flat whites", new camera, new nephew] 

It's been a beautiful busy week.
I've had a whole bunch of good chats with friends, new & old.
I realized how thankful I am for the life I have here in Indiana.
God has done so many amazing things in the past few years, and I know He has so much in store for me & Tim in the future.
We continue to grow and learn more about each other every single day. It's such a beautiful thing.
And I know it sounds cheesy and so cliche, but I really do fall more in love with Tim every day.
God has given us such an amazing friendship. I really couldn't ask for more.

Geez louise, sorry for the cheesy rant! I just had to share what I've been feeling so strongly this week.
I hope you're all having an equally beautiful week.
I'm off to pack for our Milwaukee adventure!


  1. we understand! that commitment is much more important. love your lipstick & shoes! xo.

  2. Aw, I liked the cheesy rant. That is so awesome that you have found such a special guy :] Have a wonderful time at the wedding and a great weekend :] Your new nephew is just too cute.

  3. Oh my gosh the new nephew has me swooning! Adorable picture

  4. I can relate on your cheesiness dear. Loving someone is such a blessing from God. =)


  5. I accept the cheese because it was sincere and lovely and relatable! Hope the wedding goes wonderfully

  6. Hope the wedding goes well! I really like reading the cheese- sometimes a little cheese is healthy! :)

  7. so cute!! love those shoes, have fun!!

  8. aw that is so sweet!
    I hope you enjoyed the wedding!
    xo dana