Twin Style!

I thought it would be fun to take some photos while Kylie & I were at our parents' house this afternoon.
I asked Kylie if she'd be up for doing more posts like this in the future, and she agreed to it!
So expect more "Twin Style" posts in the future ;)

For this first session, we pretty much walked around our parents' garden.
It's so beautiful. My Dad spent one summer breaking stones that would surround the plants.
He is one amazing landscaper, let me tell ya! It's a trait of his we didn't know about until he built this garden!
And my Mom has always had quite the green thumb.
I remember countless trips to the plant nursery over the years...picking out pretty flowers and helping her plant them all.
They're both so talented and incredible.
So we took advantage of the beauty in their front yard!

Here's what Kylie wore:

Kylie's outfit details: Plaid blouse: Thrifted, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Hunter Gatherer, Watch: Betsey Johnson via Macy's

And here's what I wore:

My outfit details: Dress: Midnight and Dawn, Lace blouse: thrifted, Hat & Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Tights: Free People, Necklace c/o: Bam Bam Creative, Via Foxes NZ

Whew! Lots of pictures, right?! Sorry about that. There were just too many lovely shots.
My excuse is that I had two outfits to share, so it's acceptable.

I hope you enjoyed this first "Twin Style" post!
Have a beautiful night.


  1. It definitely needs to be a regular thing! Love the twin style. :D You are both so gorgeous!

  2. You two are so beautiful and that last photo of you is my favorite!

  3. awww yay this is so cute! must have more of these :)


  4. Aw this is a gorgeous post! Your sister is beautiful, just like you! My style is more like yours so I do prefer what you're wearing, but she looks amazing as well! Love the scallop hem of your dress!

    x Aliya

  5. how fun to see you both! love your bunny necklace!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. I can't believe she just had a baby! You are both soo cute!

  7. very beautiful pictures--so springy! :D you and your sister look lovely :)

  8. Your sisters haircut is REALLY pretty, I love it, and I love the scallop hem and well that dress in general! So cuuute on you

  9. this is such a cute idea!
    i love how you two are twins but have totally different styles.
    i can't wait to see more twin style posts in the future!! :)


  10. scallop hem + bunnies + flowers+ flanno print = awesome. Nice one sisters!

  11. scallop hem + bunnies + flowers+ flanno print = awesome. Nice one sisters!

  12. You guys are so cute :) I love your dress! Anything with scallops is a must have! XO!

  13. Love this post! You two are really adorable, I love how cohesive your outfits are for these pics hahaha ;)

    Beautiful garden indeed, something about a lush well-desgned garden is just such a happy thing!


  14. okay, first off, i just stumbled across your blog and you are absolutely perfect!!! i just adore your style. second, twins are always just the cutest, so now knowing that you are a twin, i love you even more. third, i read your about me section and your husband is from new zealand. jealousy overload. okay, now that my girl crushing is over, absolutely adore your site and can't wait to see more ;)
    xo TJ

  15. awe, it's been a while since i saw the two of you girls together and it's always a pleasure when you get these kinds of posts up! awesome outfits - between bunny necklace and the rad plaid i'm all over it with big thumbs up.

    yah to more of these coming up in the future! sounds like a swell plan and by the way, your parents garden looks like such a lovely spot. gorgeous backdrop for these shots! ♥

  16. You girls are gorgeous! It's not fair that there are two of you ;)

    xo Jennifer


  17. I have an identical twin! She would NEVER agree to do a style post with me though. Believe me, i've asked. You both have great style!

  18. Beautiful! Girls and garden! I especially love your hat.

  19. I LOVE that last shot of you- so classic and brilliant

  20. Love the lace shirt - this gives me so many ideas! nice blog and really cute pics!

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