Barton Hollow

My sister Kylie took these photos the other day.
She was over at my place watching Bye Bye Birdie (amazing musical, by the way!).
We popped outside really quick to snap these shots.
There's all this greenery right downstairs in my apartment's parking area.
It's so pretty and magical in the evening.
The sun sets right behind the trees. It's just so perfect on summer nights.

Well because of this perfect lighting...I have a lot of photos to share!
Sorry if it's a bit of an overload. But let's be honest...photos are the best part of blogs ;)

Scarf, shirt, shoes: thrifted, shorts: Glassons (NZ)
A quite sweet & simple look, but I enjoyed it!
And the peachy pink color of the shirt just makes me smile.

I've been listening to a lot of The Civil Wars the past few days.
I love their harmonies. And the whole feel of the record reminds me of a train on the move.
The title track "Barton Hollow" is one of my favorites.
Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars on Grooveshark

Pretty great, right?
I suggest listening to the entire album if you've got time this evening.
It's definitely worth it!
Have a nice night! Spend it with people who make you laugh.


  1. it's so funny you mention Bye Bye Birdie because I was seriously walking around singing one of the movie's songs this morning. I loved that movie when I was a kid. Glad I'm not the only old musical lover :o)

  2. Love these!! your so pretty and the outfit is so cute!!

  3. Your photos are always so good! What program do you use to edit them?

    1. I use Photoshop. It's an action I bought off etsy from Simon Filip :)

  4. The photos are amazing, love the light too. And thanks for sharing the music :)

  5. Now I have Bye Bye Birdie in my head. That light is fantastic, everything looks dreamy and beautiful.

  6. I prefer looking at pictures than reading lengthy paragraphs. You have really pretty in all of the photos. Thanks for following my instagram by the way. I am greatly honored. =)


  7. Those pictures are gorgeous! And I'm pretty much obsessed with The Civil Wars - have been for a year or so now, and can't stop listening to their music. So good!!

  8. Lovely photographs! i love the evening light! x


  9. ooh, I ADORE that second photo--the composition is simply perfection. I wish my sister lived near me so we could do this same thing. :)

  10. Your sister takes gorgeous photos - but she does have a good subject! ;) Love the scarf!

    xo Jennifer


  11. i looove barton hallow- i totally forgot i had that on my ipod until now, so thank you for that. and i can't believe that that's the bottom of your apartment building! before i saw that picture i imagine a few shrubs by concrete, but nope, it's gorgeous! ps love your turban thing, i want one very badly now haha

  12. You are so beautiful! <3 just like a doll.

  13. Stunning photos! Love the scarf used as a turban!


  14. 3 things
    1) I love this headscarf
    2) I love the civil wars
    3) I'm insanely jealous that your family has a cabin in CO... It's the best place on earth... Especially since i'm in the Midwest right now (I found you from Sarah's blog)

  15. What a perfect spot for a picture (the second photo), just beautiful and great lighting. The song is lovely too, I will check them out! Love your blog, I've been reading for a while, just haven't commented until now! :)


  16. Very nice! And I am very much on the hunt for pants with buttons like that too<3


  17. lovely photos! it does look like a great spot :)
    xo dana

  18. I am in love with your scarf, and I'm glad you shared all these photos! It would be a waste not too because they are so lovely and oh my gosh your hair makes me long for long hair again! Oh, and you blouse is just lovely.

  19. Love how these photos look. Such a cute outfit, you're really pretty :)

    The Style Rawr!
    Tara (& Jade)

  20. Wow you are so pretty! I love these pictures! :) x

  21. LOVE the location! It looks like it's straight out of a European countryside!