Film Friday #2

Time for Film Friday #2!
Kylie and I shot some 35mm film the other evening during "magic hour".
For those of you not familiar with it, magic hour is pretty much prime time for photos.
It's right around sunset and the lighting is just perfect for photos.

*All images taken with a Canon Rebel K2 with expired 35mm film.*

I love the way these images turned out.
It was so fun to run around, exploring, and taking photos with my best friend.
It really felt like we were 16 again.
This is pretty much all we did when we were younger.
We'd drive around town, trying to find new hidden places for photos.
I think we'll try to do more of that this summer.

Oh, and I'm starting yet another new feature that I'm excited to share with you all!
I'll be working on it this weekend, so hopefully I'll have something to show for it on Monday.

Happy Friday!
I hope you all have the grandest of weekend plans!

ps. Please bear with me as I play around with the design of this blog. It's still in the process of being tweaked & perfected!


  1. Your sis looks fabulous as a blonde!

  2. So beautiful! I can see why it is called magic hour- the light is gorgeous.

  3. Oh the magic hour! I love it. I need to start taking photos around that time again. Everytime I take my photos, it's way too bright out. I also love that these are film. They turned out absolutely gorgeous. Ah, and I am drooling over those adorable loafers!!

  4. You both are so beautiful!

    xo Jennifer


  5. Beautiful film photos! (and lovely blog )

  6. I really love the last two shots, particularly the one of your shoes in the clover. Makes me miss summer, it's pouring and cold here!

  7. my favorite time for photo taking!
    and that last one looks like an album cover.
    you ladies are beautiful <3

  8. Beautiful photos, they look gorgeous

  9. incredible photos honey, i really love your look!

    have a nice day!


  10. They turned out beeeeeautifully!

  11. What stunning photos. The light is just perfect in all of them.