Film Friday

I'm starting a new feature on the blog called Film Friday!
I'm attempting to post more film photography of mine.
It's something that I've always really enjoyed (and even went to school for!), but I rarely make time to experiment these days.
So in an attempt to bring more film into my life, I've started this feature!

I have tons of old cameras, some found at antique stores, others passed down to me from my Grandpa who was a photographer.
So I really have no excuse not to use these amazing cameras of mine!
 For this first roll, I used a cheap little plastic camera of mine.
It's a little Bell & Howell that is "focus-free" and quite unpredictable.
 But that's a quality that I kind of love in cameras.
I took these photos in Chicago on our 2nd Anniversary a few days ago. We drove downtown, then headed up north into the woods.

 Hopefully I'll have more where these came from ;)

Happy Friday everyone!
I hope you all have grand weekend plans ahead of you.
Mine includes a circus-themed birthday party for one of my very best friends tonight!


  1. these are awesome :) i love some good old film shots!
    xox dana

  2. loooove. I'm excited to see more.

  3. these are so great, it makes me want to get out with my old film cameras! i do a film friday sometimes too haha mine's about old movies :)