Year Two

Timothy and I had a super special day yesterday.
We celebrated 2 years of marital bliss!!
 We had a pretty low-key day full of delicious meals and quality time together.
We drove out to Chicago and enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate at a delicious burger place for dinner.

Oh, and last year we started a tradition of taking yearly portraits on our anniversary.
We kept up with the tradition and took a few portraits with our "Year Two" sketch.
I've got a notebook set aside for all the illustrations we'll be doing throughout the years.

We had quite a perfect day.
We are so blessed to have the relationship that we have.
For those of you who are lucky enough to have found your soul mate, I'm sure you know what I mean.
You know how it feels to be utterly and completely secure and peaceful in a relationship.
You know how it feels to look at the one you love and fall even more in love with every day that passes.
You know how it feels to "know". To know that you've found your perfect match.
The one who loves you on your best days as well as your worst days.
The one who cracks up laughing over your ridiculous jokes that really aren't that funny.
The one who wants to spend every moment by your side, for the rest of your live.
It's really a surreal feeling, isn't it?

And how could I not share our wedding video?!
It kind of becoming a tradition on this blog, as well ;)

Hope you all didn't mind my "hopeless romantic" post ;)
I tend to get caught up in talking about cheesy love things!

Have a perfect evening, friends!


  1. I loved this post so much! You two are one of my absolute favorite couples! I know exactly what you mean about being with you soulmate :) Happy anniversary love!

  2. Congratulations on two years together! The photos of you two are so sweet. I really like your tradition for the portraits :] Your wedding looked absolutely perfect and looks like it was such a special and magical time. Love your dress.

  3. What a sweet idea!
    Happy anniversary :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. Aww happy anniversary! Your video is so cute!! Your wedding looks so beautiful, and I adore your wedding dress!


  5. That video was perfect! I was smiling the whole time I watched it.

  6. Awww you guys are super cute together. Congrats! Love the sketch too. Time flies hey?

  7. happy anniversary ... that video is so special

  8. Happy Anniversary! How special to have found the one you love!

  9. so awesome, i know exactly what you mean! you guys are the cutest, happy anniversary!!

  10. Awwww yay! How adorable :) We just celebrated our 5th anniversary in Disneyland on the 19th! yay for happy and good marriages! I 100% agree with everything you said....so awesome.

    That video is so cute too and I love your idea of the yearly photo!



  11. I cried watching your video. You two have made me believe there really is true love.

  12. Happy Anniversary. I am so happy for you two. This is such a wonderfully beautifully written post. Thank you for making my night. You two are so cute and you have so many memories yet to make together!

  13. Happy Anniversary. I am so happy for you two. This is such a wonderfully beautifully written post. Thank you for making my night. You two are so cute and you have so many memories yet to make together!

  14. That's so precious! I am happy that God has blessed you with two great years of marriage, and pray for many more! :)

  15. Congradulations! I'll let the soppy post slide, because it's also sweet. Love your sketch!

  16. You guys are so cute! I might have to copy-cat your idea one day myself - because those little illustrations and portraits are adorable. And I love that idea!

  17. Congratulations! I love the illustration that you did, and I really really like that you guys have such special traditions already at two years! You guys are beautiful, look happy, and are blessed!
    xo Hannah

  18. happy 2 years! you two are so cute!


  19. that video is sooo lovely! everything about your wedding was perfect - and your dress was so so pretty! Did you ever post the photos on your blog? I would love to see those..

  20. Thanks for all the sweet comments, everyone!
    Halie - Feel free to copy-cat the portrait idea ;)
    Michelle - I did post some photos of our wedding on the blog. They're found here if you'd like to take a look:

  21. oh my goodness, you guys are too cute. fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for LaurenConrad.com xo


  22. That's the loveliest wedding I've ever seen.
    Congrats for your second anniversary!!

    I would really want to know the songs :)

    Keep loving eachother♥

  23. Making yearly portraits is just about the cutest idea ever...congrats!

  24. Congrats! and I love how you came up with the portrait idea...it looks amaaazzzing...I think traditions are the best!

  25. Aw this are such cute pictures(:! Congratulations!