Sweet Home Chicago

Taking photos in a busy downtown location is pretty darn fun.
I'm so used to taking photos in a secluded area near my apartment,
so it was quite exciting snapping photos while families bustled by on a busy summer day.

This is what I wore on a lunch date with friends, followed by some shopping with my sister.
We hit up H&M, ZARA, Forever 21, and a few other favorites on Michigan Ave.
I truly love this city.

Shirt, skirt, shoes: Thrifted, Hat: Charlotte Russe, Purse: Aldo

Have any of you ever visited Chicago?
How do you think it compares to other big cities?

I hope you all have a perfect weekend!
A few of my friends are driving down from Wisconsin for a visit,
so it's gonna be loads of fun!


  1. I truly love the outfit! The bright turquoise and brown cheetah print are such an awesome combo! I've never been to Chicago before but I know the food and art scene are really big. I hope to go eventually! Have fun!

    xo Amy

  2. I was actually just in Chicago a few weeks ago visiting family. Our hotel was right near that spot. I've got a pic of me by the water tower too! :)

    Gosh, I miss the food. We pigged out so much... pizza, Italian beefs, hot dogs... so freakin' good!

    I miss the city... le sigh...

  3. Love, love, love that skirt. I admire you for taking pictures out in public, I am definitely too shy to but, it looks like a ton of fun! (I'm from Oshkosh!)

  4. This outfit is amazing lady, esp that skirt!! I have never been to Chicago, but it is totally on my top list of cities to visit :)



  5. I just went to NYC last month and it was my first time on the East coast and now I'm itching to visit other areas over there, especially Chicago!

    xo Jennifer


  6. You are brave! I always get wigged out taking pictures in public, haha. :D Love your whole outfit, particularly the skirt!

    As for Chicago, I grew up in Michigan, so I visited Chicago all the time. I really like it! Perhaps some of it is because I have so many memories tied to the place, but I just really enjoy the city. I prefer it to New York, even.

  7. You look pretty in your pictures. =)


  8. So pretty! Love your outfit!
    xo sandra

  9. Sweetie, firstly, thank you so much for comment on my blog it was something massssiiive <3 I'm glad reading your words there :) You look adorable cute. This tshirt is amazing. I love this outfit. Chicago is beautiful. My friend moved there and she sends me lots of postcards and pictures and I fell in love with this city <3

  10. It's been a long time since I've visited Chicago, but I am hoping to go sometime soon to make it to the art museums! I actually almost went there this weekend, but I ended up having to work. Anyways, I adore this outfit. Especially the green skirt and leopard print top. I also love hats, and this one is just so cute!!

  11. I've never even been to the united states and Chicago is definitely on my list of must-visit places. Love the combination of leopard print and turquoise! And those loafers are so cute!!

    x Aliya

  12. well I live in chicago area so I love it...haha I try to avoid MICH ave on summer weekends...but I think the best time to shop is in the fall...downtown has such a great breeze

  13. oh my gosh. I just fell in love with your hair. and your blog.

    found the route

  14. I've never visited Chicago but have always wanted to go.

    I really just adore your whole style and your hair always looks flawless :) Such gorgeous photos too! xo Marisa

  15. I've never been to Chicago, but would love to some day. And I love the pop of color your skirt brings to your whole outfit :)

  16. your hair looks perf with the color of your skirt!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  17. I love this turquoise skirt with the leopard print!

  18. I adore this outfit on you!! You have such an amazing sense of style.

  19. I just found your lovely blog VIA secret life of bee and I was SO excited to see you are also from Indiana :)

  20. i am looooving your wee tassled loafers. and chicago is a pretty great place to be. : )

  21. Love the turquoise and leopard print. I'd love to visit Chicago someday.

  22. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  23. You look beautiful! I love how you look in turwuoise. You hair is amazing! :D
    I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on: http://the-wandering-heart.blogspot.com
    Lots of love! <3

  24. I'm from Chicago so I am a little biased and think it's a great city. It's busier than San Francisco but not anywhere near as dirty as New York.

  25. You are seriously too adorable for words! Totally digging that blue skirt. I would love love love to go to Chicago someday. sigh... someday. :)


  26. Wow, love your clothes! Looks very beautiful!

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