All Kinds Of Guns

Here are some photos from an amazing day!
Kylie and I spent some quality time together while the fellas hung at home and played computer games ;)
We went and took photos in the prettiest place, Cornwall Park.
Then we did some shopping and ended the night with a huge family feast!
And for dessert we had the most delicious cake made by my darling husband.

Oh, and Kylie & I have found our new favorite album.
Tilly & the Wall's 'Heavy Mood'. This song is one of my favorites.
All Kinds Of Guns by Tilly And The Wall on Grooveshark

My outfit details: Moon Shirt: Brandy Melville | Shoes & Jacket: Cotton On |
Tote Bag: See Me Everywhere Shop | Necklace: Little Dirty Dish

Kylie's outfit details: Harley Shirt: Thrifted | Boots: Cotton On | Fringe Jacket: Wild Pair

Did you see that banjo cake?! Seriously, the guy is a legend. I kinda love him a lot.
Well a very Happy Halloween to all my American friends & family!
I hope you're all dressing up and eating too much candy!


  1. Wow I ADORE that moon shirt!

    Happy Halloween,

  2. Okay, I'm new here and didn't know you were a twin, and as I was scrolling down the page, I saw you with red hair and then with purple hair and I was so confused and then when I saw the photo of the two of you I freaked out a little!!! Hahaha. WOW you girls look so much alike! (I mean, uh, duhh you're twins, haha.)

    Happy Birthday! You're both so cute and I love your style.

  3. That moon shirt!!! And both of your hair colors are amazing.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    That cake is amazing! so many clever details

  5. happy birthday! i'm having it on 29th so i know the feeling of being a autumn child. wonderful, isn't it? ;)

    hope you've had a nice time! cheers!

  6. Sounds like a great day!
    I love seeing your different styles :)

    xo Jennifer