Home Sweet Home

After a whirlwind trip back to Indiana, Tim and I are finally settling into our little place again.
We were lucky enough to have a friend live in our apartment while we were in New Zealand,
so we've got our own place back now!
It's a wonderful feeling. You don't realize how much you miss something until you don't have it anymore.
And I definitely felt that with our apartment. And our pup. I am so happy to have him back again.
He's currently cuddled up at my feet as I type this. The cutest.

Anyway, here's what I wore today.
Oh and a sidenote: I don't care how many bloggers own this coat. I love it.
And I plan on keeping it and wearing it until I am somebody's grandmother.

Coat: Anthropologie | Dress & shoes: Thrifted | Bag: c/o Handbag Heaven | Sunnies: Free People

And one more thing...I've been Found by Fleet!
This adorable online boutique is running a little contest and I'd greatly appreciate it
if you'd take a quick second and just 'like' my photo on their Facebook page.

Thank you, my dear blog pals. And check out their adorable boutique!

Have a beautiful weekend. xo.


  1. We just got back from being gone for two weeks (Indiana part of the time, too!), and last night I just kept saying how I couldn't believe we were all together in our apartment again.

    It always feels so good to come home.

  2. Welcome home! Is it hard to adjust to cold weather again? lol

    xo Jennifer


  3. As fun as it is to get away, it's always such a relief to come home again, I've found. Makes you appreciate your daily surroundings with fresh eyes. Also, I love that coat and it is meant to be blogged so everyone can appreciate it!

  4. welcome home, cutie! you look adorable. travelling is so wonderful, but there's nothing quite like being home again.

  5. I really do love your blog and your style! Liked the page!

  6. Very Lolita-ish! Love it. That coat is gorgeous!


  7. Travelling is lovely but there's nothing quite like coming home eh! that snowy weather looks a bit different though!!

  8. It must be so weird for you to be back in the snow after such a beautiful weather in New Zealand!
    Anyway, I also love this coat and wish I'd own it...no matter how many other have it, too!


  9. You look so so cute ! I just can't. Your coat is so lovely. I wish I had same ! <3 . <3 <3
    You are just like a doll in fairy tale.

  10. Aw you look gorgeous, I am actually in love with your blog!


  11. I actually haven't seen this coat until now and I love it! The arrow details are so cute and the color is wonderful. I love it paired with your striped dress.

  12. I adore the coat - the colour, the shapes and the arrows. Perfect for brightening up late winter/early spring. I wonder if I could pull of sunglasses like this, they look amazing on you. Love a winter coat and a pair of sunglasses myself!

  13. Welcome back to the blah midwest weather...you didn't miss much...hahah jk.

  14. I wouldn't worry about how many people have that coat! its a gem and deserves to be worn. :)

  15. your hair/style/blog is amazing!!
    newest follower :)

  16. this is a super sweet outfit! Love the vintage look :)

  17. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)


  18. Oh wow I just found your blog and it's beautiful!!!! I'm completely in awe, it all looks amazing. I'm particularly jealous of DisneyLand!! X

  19. Looking so sweet! I love that styling!