New Zealand Video!

I finally sat down and put together a video of our trip to the South Island.
Tim and I had the greatest adventure together traveling around in our little campervan.
It was such an incredible experience.
Dare I say....the greatest trip I've ever been on? Yes. Definitely.
The landscape of the South Island is like nothing I've seen before.
It's truly breathtaking.
If you get a chance to visit, I say go for it!
And the best way to travel is in a cramped, dirty little campervan with your best friend/true love.

I hope you enjoy this little tidbit of fun!
Have a beautiful night.


  1. That was so fun! You guys look soo happy! I can't wait to go on an awesome adventure with my love. We've never been anywhere more than 5 hours away by ourselves so hopefully we get to start taking some awesome trips soon!

  2. My boyfriend and I went back packing for a year in 2011, one of our favourite countries was New Zealand. watching your video reminded me how amazing New Zealand is. Your video is awesome, I'm really want to go back there now. I'm so glad you had a great time x x

  3. The landscape is amazing; like a dream! I love the way you put the video together, it makes me happy!

  4. this video is great :)! it made me smile :) thanks for this ;)


  5. So cool that you can create videos like this...

    Have the best day ever,


  6. I randomly clicked over to your cute wee blog and the first post I see is about my favourite place! My home land! Talk about meant to be!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time here! It truly is one of the most special places on earth! Come back sometime! :)

    Ngaio xx

  7. Love Love Love! Beautiful! Such a pretty video!

  8. NEW ZEALAND!?! i dreaaaam of visiting there someday!

  9. Glad you enjoyed your trip! I absolutely love it here!

    hello from Dunedin!