Oh Hey Friday

Well, well, well. Hello there Friday.
Nice to see you again.
And who have you brought with you? Beautiful weather?! Double awesomeness.
Ok, enough of my weird faux-conversation.

It's a beautiful day in Indiana and I am so excited about it!
Tim and I have a hard time living in a climate that has such extreme winters.
We both love being active outdoors, so it's always nice when warm air decides to hang around.
Not that I can do anything "outdoorsy" or "active" wearing something like this.
But, hey, it's nice to have the outdoorsy option.
Side note: I didn't think outdoorsy was a word. But auto correct isn't putting a red line underneath it sooooo.....? Cool.

Lady Tie: Flapper Girl | Hat: H&M (similar) | Bag: Handbag Heaven | Shirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Urban Outfitters(similar)

I can't wait for summer activities!
I really can't complain, seeing as we just spent 4 months in New Zealand during their summer.
But I am so stoked for yet another summer.
Tim and I are coming up on our 3 year wedding anniversary next month and we're trying to figure out something fun to do.
Any suggestions?
Give me some of your favorite getaway/vacation locations and activities!

Oh, and have a wonderful Friday.


  1. Aw such a lovely outfit! I love the lady tie, and your rings are so sweet!

    xox Sammi

  2. Lovin your shoes, adorable bunny ring, lovely manicure, and awesome collar accessory! Fun!

    For your anniversary you could visit the place you 1st met, had your 1st date, kiss, etc. My husband and I have done that and it's just a fun way to walk down memory lane and create a new memory!


  3. Definitely my favorite outfit from you!

    xo Jennifer


  4. I'm amazed on how adorable each detail of your outfit can be! xx


  5. Love this outfit. cute blouse it goes great with the hat.


  6. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so gorgeous and I adore your hair. Love that it matches your shoes!

    Have the best weekend ever,

  7. Oh man I want to go to NZ SOOO badly! I wish I could afford it, even just to go for a week!

    I really adore the fact that your hair matches your shoes. So lovely!

  8. Oh my you look so lovely! X

  9. I really love love love this outfit! I want to own it all! Those shoes + that bag + those polka dots! Perfect perfecttttt. And as always, your fiery hair never ceases to amaze me!

  10. Adorable! I love your polka dot top paired with the cross tie. Your orange shoes add such a great contrast to the other colors in your outfit too.

  11. I love your bunny ring! Absolutely adorable.

  12. your hair, shoes, rings...really just everything about this outfit is perfect. and chinese floating lanterns are fun for an anniversary :)

  13. You are super adorable. I just love Flapper Girl! I need more lady ties ASAP.

    Love, Amy
    A. Loo's Closet

  14. Pretty! Gosh your hair color is so perfect!

  15. You should go here!!

    Marfa Texas has an amazing art scene. You would love the desert

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  17. Love that it matches your shoes!