Our Sweet Home

After our recent trip to Ikea, Tim and I have been finding places for our new little things.
We've been in our apartment for nearly three years now so it's nice to change things up a bit 
and bring new decorative pieces in.
My favorite new addition is this black and white print that we hung above our couch.
I shot this photo while we were in New Zealand this past November.
It was on the drive down to Milford Sound, which quickly became our favorite place in the world.
I will never forget the feeling when we saw this view for the first time.
We were both speechless at the sight.
It was like driving into Neverland or Jurassic Park or something.
It was such a special moment, so it makes this print so meaningful for us.

We're also super excited about this back patio set.
We haven't had a proper table & chair set out here since we moved in.
 Unless you count the broken rocking chair I rescued from someone's trash...
But anyway, we had our first meal out there the other night and it was magical!
I can't wait for countless summer meals sitting and chatting under the big oak tree next to our deck.

Black & White Pillow: Ikea | Coral Pillows: Target (sold out, unfortunatly) | Patio Set: Ikea

I love all these special things that add joy to our daily lives.
And guess what? Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary!
We'll probably head into Chicago for some food and shopping, then watch our wedding video for the 1,000 time ;)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The patio set looks perfect! Nice, romantic setup :)
    Happy 3rd Anniversary!!

  2. Happy anniversary :)
    This looks really cute, dog is adorable :D

  3. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the link for the patio set, I've been looking for something just like that!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  4. That print is amazing, it really does look like the setting for some fantasy adventures
    your patio looks lovely, I'd really like to be able to eat outdoors but its still not warm enough in the UK

  5. So wishing I had a patio for summer meals!

    xo Jennifer


  6. Wow, that print is amazing. Did you get it printed on canvas? The finish is great.

    I love your little patio set!! That looks super cozy. Many a summer night will be spent out there I'm sure. Mikey & I are trying to cozy up our balcony currently as well. Will share photos on the blog when we're done.

  7. Your patio set is so nice and your first dinner on it looks delicious! We only got an outdoor table and chairs a couple of years ago and now can't understand what took us so long. It's so great to be able to eat outdoors.

  8. congrats on 3 years - you two are so gorgeous... tell Casey that Charlie (our guy that you see in the car sometimes) says hey ;-)

  9. that sofa looks amazing !!!