Sunshiney Day

Yesterday we took a little day trip to Ikea!
We have been compiling a list of things we want/need for our place.
One of the most exciting items we bought was an outdoor furniture set.
Now, it's a pretty simple one. Only a 2-seater, cafe style set. 
But we sure love it! We set it up last night, turned on our patio lights, and just admired our cute little patio.
I'll have to post photos soon!
I'm sure we'll have a fancy dinner out there this weekend.

Ikea is seriously one of my favorite places to shop.
Even Tim, who isn't too keen on shopping, loves it! 
We walked through the entire store with only one moment of frustration when we couldn't agree on a lamp.
Which is pretty understandable, considering there were about 1,000 lamps to choose from!
And as a married couple shopping together for 4 hours....one little disagreement is pretty admirable if you ask me ;)
And now every time I look at that lamp, I have a little chuckle at our "feud".

Crop top: Nasty Gal | Skirt & Shoes: Thrifted | Flower crown: Handmade | Satchel: Old Faithful Vintage

I love that store and it's yellow & blue walls and Swedish charm.
Such a perfect place to spend a date day.

Happy Thursday!
Hope you've got some exciting weekend plans to look forward to. ♥


  1. I realy love this outfit!! need to update my wardrobe! :D

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  2. i reeeeeeally want to go to ikea this weekend for a couple more plates and odds and ends. and something for our balcony!!!! i'd love to see what you got for your patio :)

  3. You look absolutely adorable! I love that you considered this a date. I always think of running errands during the day with my finance date like lol

    xo Jennifer


  4. My boyfriend and I were just talking about going to an Ikea! There isn't one near me, but there is one near him (I think in NJ), and I've never been. I love that skirt, and your floral crown!!

    xox Sammi

  5. I went to Ikea for the first time a couple of weeks ago and oh. my. goodness. I want everything there. I am going back next Friday to get some curtains, a laundry basket, and maybe a new comforter.

  6. absolutely adorable post! I love the way the blue contrasts with your hair; so bold!

    XO Sahra

  7. What gorgeous colours! Is that your partner? You look cute!


  8. you are gorgeous! what a pretty outfit as well.

  9. I saw your feature on ModCloth and read that you live in Indiana about an hour away from Chicago! It made me smile to see a "Hoosier" featured. I live in Lafayette, IN. :0)

  10. Can't wait to see your new patio set up! IKEA trips sure are really fun!
    I love your top, just perfect for summer!

    Have a good day,

  11. OMG! You are so cute... I"m so happy I came across your blog! love this little getup you have on!

    Lady à la Mode

  12. loved browsing through your blog! you look so happy in all your photos, and I love your style!

  13. Such a cute look! Especially for summer! Love the bright skirt!


  14. you two are so cute! I love your blog & style.

  15. Only one argument is definitely an accomplishment!
    Also this outfit is so incredibly cute. I love the color of your skirt and all the flowers in your hair. Great loafers too!