Farmers Market!

Yesterday Tim and I met up with my sister & Mom at a Farmers Market nearby. Kylie and her little family had gone last weekend (she blogged about it here) and loved it, so I was anxious to check it out for myself! It was quite wonderful indeed. Tim and I bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies, some new herbs for our tiny garden, and Kylie & I bought matching "friendship" bracelets. We do this funny thing whenever we both love something - we each buy one and call it a "friendship" something-or-other. But, really, we both just want to buy said "cute thing". We're twins so I guess it's okay. Or maybe that makes it worse? Oh well.

Shorts: c/o Electric Frenchie | Backpack: UO | Sunnies: Modcloth | Shirt: Gift | Shoes: Thrifted | Bottle Necklace: c/o Free People  

We had a wonderful morning! I think it's going to become a Saturday morning tradition. Tim and I have pretty much eaten all of our strawberries already, so we'll need to replenish this weekend!

Don't you just LOVE a good Farmers Market?


  1. Love the friendship bracelets, those are too cute! Your hair looks lovely, it's getting so long.

  2. That shade of pastel blue looks so good paired with your ginger hair :)

  3. Wonderul hair!


  4. yes! friendship bracelets! these photos turned out great :D We should really make this a weekly tradition!

  5. That's so cool to know you two are twins. Love the bracelets and your shorts and blouse. Yes, I do love a good Farmers Market.

  6. Super cute outfit! Love your backpack!

    xo Jennifer


  7. Those bracelets are so cute!

    P.s. I recently saw a commercial and I could've swore I saw you in it! It looked just like you anyways. I think it was a yogurt commercial? haha maybe not.


  8. Gah - everything from your bag to your bow is perfect. You always look flawless :-)

    I could spend all day at our farmer's market. It's such an addicting thing!

  9. oh my <3 how stunning is your look *_* it's my favourite of yours so far! you look genius <3


  10. Adorable outfit! Absolutely love these colors. I need to start doing more trips to our local farmers market. Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  11. What a fun outfit. Love the bow in your hair! Thanks for sharing. Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  12. wow I absolutely love both your shorts and your backpack, so feminine and pretty! :)

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