A Special New Couch

Timothy and I received a beautiful new addition to our living room this week. My sister and her little family are unfortunately making a big move next month and aren't able to take the couch along. So we moved it up a flight of stairs to our cozy second-floor apartment. I absolutely love it. It used to belong to my grandparents who lived in Kansas. My Grandfather was a professional photographer and ran his business out of their home and this couch lived downstairs in his office area. I remember sitting there while my Grandfather showed my sister and I all of his old cameras after we fell in love with photography. I feel so lucky to have a little piece of my family's history in my home.


  1. It's a beautiful couch, even more so because it has such emotional value. I love the color and it looks comfy too.
    I also love the print & windows above it!

    My most treasured item of furniture is the rug that belonged to my father.
    It's nice having pieces of your family in your home. Maybe that is what makes it a home.

  2. Superb heirloom! Is your sis moving far away from you? I would die if my sissy and her family ever left the Bay Area. I just adore her and my nephew.

  3. Such a beautiful couch & a lovely memory to go along with it! :)

  4. It's fantastic that a piece of furniture can hold such great memories.

  5. I love furniture with history, and this is a particularly lovely piece. a geek trgedy

  6. What a beautiful color! Perfect for reclining!

    Xo, Hannah