Bird By Bird

I was lucky enough to receive these adorable shoes from LeBunny Bleu the other day! Their online boutique is just amazing. Each shoe has a quirky little bunny detail on it. It's so fun and tastefully done. These wedges had me smiling all day. Multiple shades of pink, a tiny bunny detail, and they were comfortable. Win, win win. I'll be wearing these beauties all summer.

Shoes: c/o LeBunny Bleu | Purse: c/o Handbag Heaven | Blouse: c/o Dahlia | Shorts & Scarf: Thrifted | Sunnies: Chicwish

Well, other than getting these darling new shoes in the mail, life has been pretty relaxing lately. I'm enjoying the peacefulness of these summer days before I start school full-time in the fall. I finished up a history class this summer. I'm not much of a history buff but I enjoyed studying again. I forgot what a nerd I am and how much I love writing papers. It got me excited to get back in school full-time! Remind me I said that when I'm in over my head come October ;)

I've also been making it a point to read more this summer. I'll be filling you in on what books I'm reading and maybe doing a couple little book reviews. I feel like I'm pretty lenient on my judgement of books, but I might as well share what I'm reading. I always enjoy seeing other bloggers' book choices. My current read is Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott. I'm enjoying it so far! I'll write up little review when I finish it.


  1. you look so so sweet <3

  2. Your shoes are the greatest and I love your bag. I always say I miss school until I'm mid semester as well, it's funny how that happens!

  3. What a gorgeous outfit!


  4. I like all the little details in your outfit, the sweet bows and bunnies on your shoes and the lace collar
    If you're looking for other books, I've just finished Flight patterns by Barbara Kingsolver, I really like some of the things she's written and this was very good

  5. I think you styled them perfectly :)

    xo Jennifer


  6. Oh my goodness, those shoes are adorable. I'm a librarian, but I actually don't read a lot anymore. People assume I've always got my nose in a book. Good luck with school!

    Life of Mabel

  7. cute outfit, those shoes are adorable!

  8. Love this outfit! That top looks so sweet. ♥


  9. I love it! The sun flares you captured make the whole thing look so delicious:)

  10. the black and white photo of you is just so sweet.

  11. This is the prettiest outfit post! x

  12. adore how you tied up your head scarf like that, i always try to get mine like that, small in the front w/ the little tie but never get it to stay. love the summery look w/ the shorts & blouse!
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  13. Adorable, love everything about this outfit :)