Ever since my sister moved to Florida, we've been mailing each other mix CDs. It's our way of staying in touch and keeping each other inspired with new music. Whether it's silly dance mixes or sentimental tunes that remind us of each other, it's always fun to get a new mix in the mail. And since it's becoming somewhat of a tradition between us, I thought it would be fun to share some of our mixes here on the blog. So here's the first one for you. This one is from me to her and it's full of beautiful tunes that I've been listening to lately. Click the link below to listen ;)

1. "Hide and Seek" - Blondfire
2. "Turn It Around" - Lucius
3. "Move to the Mountains" - Clock Opera
4. "Song for Zula" - Phosphorescent 
5. "Fever Dream" - Young Summer
6. "When I Grow Up" - First Aid Kit
7. "Heartbeats Accelerating" - Coeur de Pirate
8. "Cameo Lover" - Kimbra

Hope you enjoy! I always find it nice to discover new songs & artists, so hopefully some of  you will discover some new tunes through this Mixtape series.


  1. aww you both are too sweet. I can't imagine living away with my elder sister but you two find a way to be and to remain close to each other. great mix tape choices!

    keep in touch :)


  2. My sister and I used to make mix CDs for each other, many moons ago. Even when we lived in the same house! Now she lives on the other side of the country, and this post has inspired me to send her one. :)


  3. What an adorable idea of keeping a connection alive between two people! I love it (and this mixtape too)!