Make It Yourself : Spring Floral Crown

This little project is super simple. I sat there and watched an episode of Modern Family while I made two of them. All you need is a few supplies from your local craft store and about 20-30 minutes! 

You'll need: fake flowers, wire cutters, cloth floral wire. 
Instructions: Start off by twisting two "stems" of floral wire together. Adjust as needed to fit your head. Then just snip off your fake flowers (leave a bit of the stem on) and twist them onto your crown. Just go for it and add however many your heart desires! Just remember, the tighter the twist, the sturdier the crown.

Hooray! You've got yourself a fancy, one-of-a-kind floral crown for those warm spring & summer days! Post a link if you've got a favorite handmade floral crown of your own ;)


  1. Oh I love this. This one is so much more simple and wearable then a lot of ones that have been floating around the interwebs:)

  2. this is such lovely DIY *_* i must try it today <3

  3. It looks perfect with your kimono! LOVE!