Picnic Date

Max, 16 weeks old. Palmer Square Park, Chicago, IL.

Today we went out for a picnic in a park near our apartment. Chicago was mighty hot today, so it was a short outing. Max just loves looking up at the trees in the park. We made sandwiches and bought fresh strawberries and lemon water. We had a nice, relaxing time chatting together while Max hung out, quietly staring at the trees above. Oh, and he's pretty proud of his new trick - sticking his tongue out. Once he figured out he could make us laugh by doing it, he hasn't stopped! Haha! It's really cute that he loves making us laugh already.


  1. This is so sweet! It has been so hot in Kansas too but my husband and I toughed it out today and it was worth it! Max is so cute!
    Leah Faye
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  2. Just started reading your blog...loved your sense of style...also your baby is super cute!
    So nice to see you enjoying the day with him!
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