Another Day at the Park

Dont worry, guys. I know you were dying to see more photos of us at a park. At this point, parks are our favorite place to go when we want to get out of the house. It's so easy to just let Max explore to his heart's content in a safe environment. We still go out for coffee and go out for dinner on the odd occasion, but parks are so fun and easy. So, here you go, another post dedicated to our afternoon at the park ;) We were very excited to stumble upon this amazing park in our neighborhood. They have a few baby swings, which Max is growing to love. We went to Smith Playground a couple weekends ago and loved it! If you're in the Philadelphia area, definitely check out this amazing FREE playground. We still love Smith, but it's so wonderful to have this park within walking distance. I'm looking forward to a summer of exploring our city and finding new places to take Max! 

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