Lazy Saturday

Weekends are (obviously) my favorite. No agenda. Usually nowhere we have to be. Just a whole lot of time together, shootin' the breeze and kissing Max as much as he will tolerate. We usually watch some cartoons in the morning while he has breakfast. He is currently obsessed with Curious George and Paw Patrol. We live right by a fire station, so he loves fire trucks and sirens. Our local firemen are so sweet and wave everytime they see Max staring at their trucks. The other night, they even called us over to have Max sit in the driver's seat! It was the sweetest thing. I love how friendly people are when we're out and about with him. People are always smiling and waving at him. It makes living in a new place a bit easier when even strangers are friendly ;)

Now, can we please just hit the pause button on the weekend? K, thanks.

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