We spent a rainy afternoon together, walking to the park and looking at beautiful roses. My mom and aunt were in town this weekend, which was wonderful. It's always tough being in a new city with no family around. So anytime we get visitors, we soak it in and try to show them around our city as much as possible. We went to the Liberty Bell and took a carriage ride through downtown, hearing about all the history of this city.

Max loved being around them. It was so special to watch my mom playing with him, realizing that I play the same games with him. It's amazing how much of your childhood remains with you, without even realizing it; the little games you used to play, the secret hiding spots in your parents' home, the trees you climbed, the family traditions that you've carried on into your own life. Becoming a parent makes you aware of every little part of your life because those things will inevitably become part of your child's life. I try to take extra time to sing little songs to Max and throw his towel in the dryer for after his bath and let him get messy playing in puddles and read books to him everyday. I hope that he has the happiest memories from his childhood. I consider myself lucky to have had a wonderful childhood myself. I want with all my heart to give the same thing to him.

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